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It’s Not A Game

Ever play “Word Association”? You know, where you are given a word or a phrase, then you have to say the first thing that pops into your mind. If someone says “yellow”, then I think of “sunshine.” Or if someone says “sand” I might say “beach.” If someone said, “Antioch church of Christ,” what would be your response?

Recently one of our Hispanic members was talking to a group of people from the Latino community in our neighborhood. She mentioned something about her church and one of the people in the group asked her where she went to church. When she told them “Antioch church of Christ” they did not know where it was. She told them it was located at the corner of Antioch Pike and Richards Road.

“Oh, the big church with the big white steeple,” one of them said. “We didn’t know the name of that church, but we know about it. They are always helping people.  We just call it the “Good Samaritan Church.”

Our sister said she had tears in her eyes as she proudly told them that she was a member of this church.  Antioch church of Christ–Good Samaritans. It’s how our neighbors see us.


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