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Two Lives, One Purpose

A mature, widowed woman. A single Hispanic mother of two young daughters. Two women brought together to serve and to connect in a way no one would have imagined. Theirs is a story that keeps on telling.

The widow calls my office at church. She was cleaning out some things and came across bags of material she had purchased when she had once sewn for her grandchildren. They were older now and she no longer sewed for them. She would love to give the material and patterns to someone who could use them. I knew of a couple of women who had little girls and would enjoy receiving such a gift, so I told her to bring it to my office and I would pass it on.

A few days later, one of our Hispanic members came by my office to invite me to her daughters’ birthday party. I knew she was a seamstress. She even was working as one. So I asked her if she would like the material and patterns. I was pleased I had thought of her as she has two beautiful little girls that I just knew she would want to sew dresses for them.

Her reaction was immediate. With tears in her eyes, she grabbed my arms and said, “This is an answer to my prayer!”

She then proceeded to tell me she had been laid off from her job and she had been asking God to show her what she could do to earn money for her family. She was overwhelmed in that moment as she received her answer to prayer. I felt so happy as I took the bags of material to her car for her and we loaded them up along with the girls.

But this is only the beginning of this story.

As I related the details of what had happened to another friend, he looked at me thoughtfully and said he would like to purchase the dresses our friend would create and then he wanted to send the dresses with our mission team that was going to Nicaragua. I was so excited! The young Hispanic mother could make money while staying home and caring for her children. What a win-win!

But that was not all.

My friend not only wanted to buy the dresses, but he wanted to give them to a young, single woman we knew in Nicaragua who sold clothing on the streets to provide for her family. She could then use that money to buy food.

Excitedly, I called my friend to tell her she had already sold several dresses! And they would be worn by little girls in Nicaragua! Inspired, the young mother began creating.

When she brought the finished dresses to bible class to show me, she told me that as she sewed each outfit, she prayed for the little girl who would wear it. When she was finished, she laid her hands on the dress and prayed that the girl who wore it would grow into a strong, Christian woman who loved the Lord.

Meanwhile, the thoughtful widow was so moved by what was happening, that she went and bought new patterns to pass on and found more material. “You have lit a fire under me,” she said. “Maybe this is my purpose right now.”

It was a special moment when I introduced my two friends to each other. Two women at opposite ends of life, but joined together by a strong bond. Two women who were changing the lives of little girls they would never meet. Two families blessed by one man.

One God who uses us to bless others in small and in big ways.


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